• June 22, 2016

    Log Book and O&M Manual Differences

    1. Log books are different to O&M manuals as they include information on the design and clearly explain the means of operation for the building, whereas the O&M manual simply provides details of product documentation for each element of the service installed.
    2. A Log book is created for any person to read and understand. The O&M manual is a more technical document which some people will not understand.
    3. O&M manual covers the installation in great depth; Log books deal with energy based issues.
  • May 15, 2015

    When you purchase a large appliance, car or even a house you usually receive some. (more…)

What are M&E operating and maintenance manuals? Commonly known as O&M or O&M’s.

To comply with H&S you need to hand over O&M’s on completion of the project, which should comply with BISRIA 87/1 standard. Very often you will be required to provide a draft, then a final O&M.

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When you purchase a large appliance, car or even a house you usually receive some form of instruction on what you have purchased, what the major parts are, how to use it and maintain it. Ideally you will have meaningful setting eg tyre pressures torque settings for example.

With a TV the manual or user guide will explain how to tune the channels, set up functions and operating voltages and frequencies, this will be in several languages due to the markets the products sold in. Other than perhaps serial numbers used to register the product there won’t be much data involved.

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